AbstractMonitoring the productivity of construction equipment would help to improve construction productivity, control cost, and discover potential project issues. However, manual equipment productivity monitoring is labor-intensive and inefficient. In recent years, a large number of studies have been conducted to develop automatic methods for equipment productivity monitoring. Numerous technologies were used to estimate equipment operation time, calculate soil quantity, and analyze influence factors, among others. However, there is no recent review paper focusing on equipment productivity monitoring. This paper provides a comprehensive review of automated methods for earthmoving equipment productivity monitoring. A total of 119 related papers are reviewed and 88 papers are categorized based on the method of collecting productivity-related data. In addition, the benefits and limitations of different methods are compared in detail. Finally, a roadmap is proposed to illustrate a path forward for automatic equipment monitoring and productivity analysis. The review is expected to provide future directions that will support the development of full automation in productivity monitoring of construction equipment.

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