This is a story of an ordinary domestic cleaner. Their job is serious and not so pleasant and that is why the work they do should be appreciated. 

Domestic cleaners have seen so many amazing things when conducting the service. Most of them have been working for years as cleaners and have met different people with different property conditions. Last week a maid told a story for one of her customers.  A well dressed, obviously well-to-do-man. Cleaning had started in the morning. The service ordered had been a one off Spring Cleaning, which is deep, top to bottom cleaning service. Everything in the house: bathrooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen,  living room, etc.. should have been included for the ordered time. The flat had been in good condition actually, but still some work should have been done.
Usually one off cleaning is a genuine service: hoovering, moping, dusting, deep-cleaning. The most time consuming places in property are the bathroom and the kitchen. As soon as the cleaner had entered the bathroom it looked like something is wrong with the man’s hair. The whole bathroom had been covered with body hair. That had seemed really strange for the cleaner, she have seen hair but not so much, usually is just a face razor or something. With so much hair it seem that this man have been like a monkey. It is not funny, as you can’t imagine how much had been there.
When the customer had checked the service performed, he had seemed to be really satisfied and little embarrassed at the same time. He had given our cleaner really good tip as he knew how much effort takes to clean such thing.   
To be a cleaner is a serious job and not pleasant at all. We as customers should appreciate cleaner’s labour and to be thankful every time when professional service has been performed. There are really good Islington end of tenancy cleaners, that provide cleanliness close to perfection. You can always rely on cleaning Islington companies and the services they provide.

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Lisa Header is a housewife who really doesn’t like cleaning. The carpets are her most horrible nightmare and that is why she always leaves the job to be done by the experts from end of tenancy cleaning experts.

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