AbstractRecent editions of Canadian national building codes increased the height limit for wood-frame construction from four to six stories. In addition, the seismic loads have also been increased. These increases in building height and seismic loads have raised the demand for a stronger shear wall system for construction of midrise wood-frame buildings, especially for those located in high seismic zones. In collaboration with FPInnovations, a new high-capacity shear wall system with multiple rows of fasteners along sheathing edges was developed. This paper presents the test results of shear walls with two rows of nails. A total of 10 specimens were tested under cyclic loading. Test results show that shear walls with two rows of nails have 1.8–2.0 times the lateral load resistance of a standard shear wall with the same sheathing thickness, nail diameter, and nail spacing. The initial stiffness and ultimate displacement of the high-capacity shear wall are also greater than that of the comparable standard shear wall. Based on seismic equivalency criteria, shear walls with two rows of nails can be assigned a design value of the comparable standard shear wall multiplied by a factor of 1.7.

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