AbstractThe lack of standardized design quality indicators (DQIs) has hindered the proliferation of Post-Occupancy Evaluations (POEs) as a standard process in the property sector. This research aims to develop a standardized set of DQIs and further propose a DQI toolkit to facilitate its implementation. This research will use an in-depth review of the extant literature and will consult campus facility maintenance records at a case study university. Therefore, the identified DQIs will be consolidated and formulated to be representative of various campus facilities that include academic, research, and residential buildings. Subsequently, the DQIs will be standardized through three rounds of a Delphi survey, where 23 professionals will participate in the first round, and 19 and 18 will participate in the second and third rounds, respectively. The results of the Delphi survey will be analyzed based on the Relative Importance Index (RII), where an RII of 3.0 will be used to determine the experts’ agreement on the DQI’s significance. Finally, the standardized DQIs will be presented in the form of a survey toolkit. The implication of this research is to fulfill the need for standardized forms of POEs in the property sector and to enhance the design quality of campus facilities that are required by the higher-education sector. The value of the proposed toolkit is characterized by the ease of use, comparison between various facilities, inclusion in the procurement process for contractors, and promoting the designer’s review as a standard process in the delivery of facilities.

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