AbstractA rapidly changing digital landscape is shifting government-owned infrastructure utility organizations toward digital transformation. This literature review aims to consider how the characteristics of infrastructure organizations, in particular water organizations, might influence their digital transformation, understand the issues involved in that transformation, and identify the factors that could support digitization pathways for these organizations. The research found that changing technologies, social behaviors, and expectations around digital transformation will continue to push water organizations toward digital transformation. Changing regulatory requirements and a greater focus on increasing efficiency and improving customer relationships will also drive this transformation. A corporatewide focus on digital governance, culture, skills, and knowledge, coupled with “single point of truth” data management, will enable operations, customer and community relations, and smart systems to achieve economic and performance efficiencies, improved customer satisfaction, and better regulatory compliance. Dynamic systems and network modeling may enable government-owned infrastructure organizations to understand their complex nature, internal and external relationships, interdependencies, and current digital maturity. The digital transformation of these organizations will require careful, long-term strategic and organizational planning and commitment.

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