AbstractThe lack of integration between the digital and physical world results in a lower level of efficiency and collaboration in the construction industry. Digital twin technology, which creates a visual and digital model of a corresponding physical object for simulating, monitoring, analyzing, and other actions throughout the whole life cycle, is considered as an effective solution to address these problems. This research proposes a framework to utilize digital twins and extend the existing level of details (LoDs) of building information modeling (BIM) for construction site management. This study analyzes and improves the operation principle and mechanism of digital twins, including the digital representation based on BIM, Internet of Things (IoT), data storage, integration, and analytics, as well as interaction with the physical environment. Questionnaires and interview results verify that the proposed framework can support construction site monitoring and management, enhance quality and efficiency, and improve construction safety. It also acknowledges the contribution of LoDs’ extension to construction site management. The interviews underline the main challenges that BIM, IoT, and data processes face in practical applications.

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