The construction boom in Dubai isn’t something you’d normally associate with the phrase Eco-Friendly, but there is one area of Dubai that will be built with sustainability and the environment in mind – Dubai Waterfront.

Dubai Waterfront is located on the west side of Dubai (towards Abu Dhabi) and when complete will be twice the size of Hong Kong and home to over 1.5 million people.

Dubai Waterfront is aiming to be the world’s first Ecopolis, and the development motto is – “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time”.

Intelligent city planning will include comprehensive pedestrian and public transport systems to minimize the length of car travel in order to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions.

Water management will rely on recycled water for irrigation and cooling systems. The infrastructure will have low ecological impact and the city will be serviced by a modern co-generative system for power supply. These are just of few of the many innovations that will make Dubai Waterfront the benchmark for green development.

All individual developments will have to adhere to LEED Gold Certification. Pixel Tower and Wave Residences are examples of the former. Pixel Tower is an 18 floor tower with futuristic cyber-architecture design, while Wave Residence is a low-rise development located directly on the beach.

Omniyat Properties’ Beachfront Living is another example. This development will become one of the most iconic buildings in Dubai Waterfront which again adheres to the highest standards in sustainability.

Dubai has been criticized by some environmentalists for the minimum use of solar-panels (considering there is no shortage of sun), and huge energy wasting for the purification of water for lakes and fountains in the city.

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