AbstractIn this study, to ameliorate the abrasion resistance of limestone aggregates and extend the service life of bituminous pavement, limestone aggregates were impregnated by lithium silicate-styrene acrylic and lithium silicate-silicone acrylic to prepare bitumen mixtures. From this research, through a combination of macroscopic property tests and microstructural analysis approaches, the effect and corresponding reinforcement mechanism of lithium silicate mixed solution (LSMS) on the microstructural morphology and characteristics of limestone aggregates were investigated, and the road performance of the bitumen mixture using limestone aggregates impregnated with the lithium silicate mixture solution (LALS) was validated. The experimental results indicated that the impregnation treatment utilizing the LSMS with ratios of 6∶4 and 8∶2 could remarkably strengthen the abrasion resistance and anti-crushing ability, as well as enhance the ability to maintain angularity and surface texture in limestone aggregates. Furthermore, the utilization of LALS might hinder the further attenuation process and retard the loss rate with respect to the skid resistance properties of bituminous pavement, while exerting an insignificant effect on the high-temperature performance and fatigue resistance and a slight decrease in low-temperature performance and moisture damage resistance.

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