Choosing a heater can be a baffling decision, as there are hundreds of different choices on the market and you have a ton of variety. There are numerous brands you can choose from as well, each offering unique features and different levels of energy efficiency. Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available for homeowners when they need to make their homes cosier and keep temperatures constant no matter what the weather is like outdoors. Central Heating Using Heat Pumps Heat pumps are an excellent choice for many homeowners and have been used for decades to effectively keep the home at comfortable temperatures throughout the year. The technology itself is not new, but energy efficient heating has evolved and heat pumps are more efficient and functional than ever before. Different brands such as Daikin heat pumps offer various features that you may be interested in, so you’ll want to look at your options closely. With heat pumps, you can either have air heat pumps or ground source heat pumps. Air Heat Pumps Air heat pumps collect warm air and move it throughout different areas of the home during the winter, keeping the household warm and cosy. During warmer times, they collect heat and remove it from the home, expelling it outdoors and keeping the household cool. These will need to be professionally installed, so you may pay more initially. Ground Source Heat Pumps Ground source heat pumps can also be called geothermal heat pumps, as they collect heat from an underground source, such as groundwater or the ground itself, and transfer it to the home. From there, the warm air cycles through the household and warms it. These are typically more ideal for homeowners in areas where temperatures do not fluctuate much throughout the year. They’ll need to be installed in the ground, which can come with a hefty expense but reap major savings. Alternatives to Heat Pumps While you are looking into Daikin heat pumps and other models that provide the home with energy efficient space heating, you may also want to consider an alternative to central heating using heat pumps. Some options may include electric space heaters, but there are other types of heating solutions you may consider for the home depending on your needs. Electric Space Heater An electric space heater can be a good option when you do not need to heat the entire home. They use metals to generate heat, which spreads throughout the room and can possibly heat another room using a well-placed fan. They are inexpensive, but they do not provide the energy efficiency you may think that they do, so homeowners looking into energy efficiency may want to choose a different option. Now that we’ve explored a bit about different options for heating the home using heat pumps, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect once you go shopping for models and looking into their different specifications and features.
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