As the trend heads toward a greener future the real estate market is not immune to the effects. Green homes are becoming more and more in demand. The recent marketing and governmental practices are encouraging individuals to become more environmentally friendly and this extends to the buying and selling of their homes as well.

Generally purchasing a green home or modifying an existing home to green is associated with a high cost. Recently, many builders, utility companies, and State legislators are offering very enticing tax incentives to both the buyers and the sellers. Included in this article are some ideas for a more energy-efficient home and ways to increase the efficiency of your home.

While the costs of a green home may be higher initially, this is an investment that will pay off in time. The savings an individual may reap over time can be very notable. Some of the energy saving components used by builders includes tinted dual-pane windows to reduce sunlight heat, using better sealants on exterior walls, and further increasing the insulation of the home especially places which are exposed to the elements.

Not only can you increase the efficiency of your actual home but the appliances within it as well. While using solar panels for the entire property can be quite costly, you can always use them on certain appliances such as your water heater or pool. Another way to increase the efficiency of your water heater is by placing an insulated jacket around it. You can also purchase energy efficient appliances for the kitchen, living room, and other areas of your home. These will help save a tremendous amount of money over time.

At the purchase of a home you can look for insulation and caulking, or weather stripping around doors and windows, which are a less expensive way to reduce the energy output of your home. You can also use energy-efficient CFL or fluorescent light bulbs. In the bathroom and kitchen you can install low flows faucet heads. These will reduce your water usage and thereby reduce your costs.

One of the most obvious ways of furthering the “greenness” of your property is by planting greenery. Using vegetation to block sunlight and other elements near windows can help reduce energy costs such as air-conditioning. These do not make a small impact and are able to save up to 25% in energy costs, which is huge! So when you are out searching for your dream home, do not forget to look at the garden for flowers and plants.

The advantages to a greener residence are multiple. You help the environment and reduce your carbon imprint on this world. Furthermore, you can reduce costs over time. Also, your home will be more enticing when you are ready to sell.

Let’s all help out with the environment and do our part. Our homes are a very big part of our lives and converting or building a more eco-friendly house can make a tremendous difference for future generations and us.

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