The following correction should be made to the original paper:Two equations are presented in the paper for conversion of the asymptotic potential maximum storage of a catchment, S∞, from a base of λ=0.2 to λ=0.05. The conversion equation derived from the author’s results is correctly presented in the paper as S05∞=1.72S20∞ [Eq. (10)], which is dimensionally homogeneous. The author also cites a previously proposed relation by Hawkins et al. (2020) as S05∞=1.439S20∞1.089 [Eq. (9)]. However, the Hawkins et al. (2020) relation was developed for S20∞ and S05∞ in inches, whereas the author states that S20∞ and S05∞ are in centimeters. The correct expression for the Hawkins et al. (2020) relation with S20∞ and S05∞ in centimeters is (9) This relation should replace the Hawkins et al. (2020) relation stated in Eq. (9), which is also shown in Fig. 4 of the paper. However, the correct Hawkins et al. (2020) equation is plotted in Fig. 4.To preserve the published version of record, these details have been corrected only in this erratum.References Hawkins, R., G. Moglen, T. Ward, and D. Woodward. 2020. “Updating the curve number: Task group report.” In Proc., Watershed Management 2020, edited by R. La Plante and J. Ramirez-Avila, 131–140. Reston, VA: ASCE.

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