The following reference should be added to the published paper:Gondia, A., M. Ezzeldin, and W. El-Dakhakhni. 2022. “Dynamic networks for resilience-driven management of infrastructure projects.” Autom. Constr. 136 (104149). citation “Gondia et al. 2022” should be added to the following locations:Page 04022006-3, “There are different centrality measures applied in a wide variety of applications (Derrible 2012; Lee et al. 2013; Estrada and Knight 2015; Das et al. 2018; Ezzeldin and El-Dakhakhni 2019; Goforth et al. 2020; Gondia et al. 2022).”Page 04022006-4, “As such, in this study, a toolbox is created to integrate network analysis and data analytics for an AM system model that incorporates the decentralized nature of the AM stakeholders and subject areas, and presents a centralized database whereby AM subject area-specific information can be accessed by the stakeholders responsible for those subject areas (Gondia et al. 2022).”Page 04022006-5, “In addition to the aforementioned node- and link-based centrality measures, there are network-based measures that quantify the connectedness of the overall network structure (Estrada and Knight 2015; Opdyke et al. 2017; Valentin et al. 2018; Gondia et al. 2022).”To preserve the published version of record, these details have been corrected only in this erratum.

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