AbstractCranes are one of the most critical and expensive pieces of construction industry equipment requiring intense safety considerations. Lifting crews should attempt to develop an effective lift plan to improve the operation’s safety and reduce the risks of potential accidents. Although various systems are developed to enhance lifting operations’ safety, most cannot evaluate the entire lifting process in an interactive visual environment. This paper contributes to the body of knowledge by presenting a crane simulator system developed in the virtual reality (VR) environment integrated with a database of comprehensive lift studies and a detailed crane path planning system. This interactive system evaluates the lift operation quantitatively in real time in terms of its safety and practicability for the entire operation (entire lift path). The developed system can be employed in practice by crane operators and lift engineers for various objectives, including gaining hands-on experience before the actual operation, enhancing engineered lift planning, increasing workplace awareness, and evaluating and mitigating lift-related risks. The proposed framework is validated through two scenarios in a modular construction project in Alberta, Canada.

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