AbstractSocioeconomic value is the basis of underground space development in centrally located cities, especially in mountainous cities with limited land area. Based on the spatial benefits brought by the development of urban underground space, this study uses the entropy method to analyze the conditions of socioeconomic suitability of the development of underground space in the central city of Kunming, China, through a comprehensive analysis of spatial location, traffic conditions, and other data and also uses the exponential smoothing method to predict the data of future suitability conditions. A socioeconomic evaluation system suitable for Kunming underground space development is put forward. The results show that 17.59% (79.9 km2) of the downtown area of Kunming in 2020 was highly suitable for underground development and had great spatial benefits. By 2025 and 2030, the socioeconomic benefits of underground development in some areas will increase as the urban population grows. The results show that the urban underground space in the study area contains great spatial benefits, and with the passage of time, the area suitable for development will gradually increase. In this study, the necessity of underground space development prediction is demonstrated, and the reference of urban underground space development social economy prediction is put forward.

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