AbstractSince China’s reform and opening up, the domestic economic structure has undergone significant changes, and the industrial system has gradually developed to the tertiary industry. As the core of the tertiary sector and service industry, tourism has, therefore, entered a stage of vigorous development. At the same time, in the context of promoting new-type urbanization, industrial parks created by the theory of industry-urban integration have entered a new stage of development. Due to the respective characteristics of industrial parks and tourism, tourism industrial parks with comprehensive coverage and a strong driving ability have gradually formed under the promotion of industry-urban integration. As a new carrier of the tourism industry, tourism industrial parks are being built all over China. However, due to the differences in the development level of each region, how to improve the competitiveness in the construction of tourism industrial parks has become a problem worth studying. Based on the diamond model in the competitiveness theory, this paper first improves the model according to the actual situation and constructs the competitiveness evaluation index system of tourism industrial parks from the perspective of new-type urbanization. Second, the weight of each index is calculated using the Analytic Network Process (ANP), and then the competitiveness evaluation model is constructed by the matter-element method. Finally, the evaluation model is verified by taking the Suining city Tourism Industrial Park as an example, and corresponding improvement suggestions are put forward for this case. At the same time, the feedback from this evaluation process also provides a scientific method and theoretical basis for enhancing the competitiveness of tourism industrial parks and provides a new idea for the future development of such parks.

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