Before hiring an experienced company for managing your property, it is important to consider the property management agreement (PMA). However, what exactly is PMA and what are the various things that you should look after prior to placing your consent in the agreement? To help you take an informed decision, this article decodes everything that landlords must know about PMA for successful management of properties. What is a Property Management Agreement? Property management agreement or contract is a legally-binding document that contains essential information about: Responsibilities of the property manager Services and fees entitled to the professional Housing opportunity as per federal housing laws Liability in the event when damage occurs to rental property Duration of agreement, mostly annual with an option to renew every year Clause for termination, mentioning why the agreement might be terminated Every part of the PMA is of utmost importance. Hence, after you have found a suitable property management company in Oklahoma do enquire about their contract and find out more about how the company has designed its agreement. Basic Elements of A Good Property Management Contract There are three basic elements that can be found in the PMA of only reliable Oklahoma property management firm and these are: Transparency You’ll be surprised that several landlords end up spending more than needed only because their management contact had hidden clause or rules that they weren’t aware of. However, that will never be the case when you consider dependable OKC property management company. Experienced firms backed by a team of dedicated professionals assure 100% transparency in terms of fees, type of services provided, basic expenses and so on, providing a much-needed peace of mind. Holds Every Bit of Information As stated earlier, there are six essential things that the contract should have including key responsibilities, charges, housing opportunities, liabilities, tenure of the agreement and termination clause. So, when you consider the services of a professional company then you can find every bit of information required in the contract itself. Easy To Understand Most of the companies prioritize having a simple and straightforward agreement which is easy to understand. Hence, if at any point you feel that the agreement of the company that you are about to hire is confusing then it’s wise to switch to a potential property management company in OKC for safe and effective handling of your property. At the end of the day, remember that the contract will be a reflection of the quality of service that you can expect from the company. Hence, review it carefully and sign only when you are confident about the services of the firm.
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