A centuries old blind style is still modernly used today! From apartments to hotels and even newer homes, Venetian blinds are window dressing that has withstood time itself despite newer contemporary designs and trends. Take a comparative look between long lasting antiquity and a newer motorized blinds to consider what to install alongside upcoming interior renovations. Durability without the fear of warping in high humid spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens, is one of many features of Venetian blinds. Previously only available in wood, Venetian blinds now feature aluminum and faux wood styles that do not compromise their lightweight. A historical look comes with an economical price for all homeowners wanting a vintage essence that minimizes unwanted natural light entering the home with a simple cord tilt. Angled and balanced slats do not require additional considerations, making Venetian blinds suitable for even new homeowners! Venetian blinds are a decorative and practical option that should be added to any small room. Little upkeep is needed to maintain these blinds – just a quick dusting every so often! Instead of a cord, taped versions are offered to minimize the potential of light seeping through cord holes. Taping can come in a different color than the slats to add a decorative contrast or amplify color schemes. No matter the choice in cords or taping, privacy is never a concern with Venetian blinds behind stylish slates of bluish pink or rose gold. Help keep your home cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter by installing motorized blinds, which will help cut down on the electric bill for any homeowner to save money! Also known as remote control or smart window coverings, motorized blinds simplify daily routines and lessen the hassle of constantly adjusting window slats and materials. Voice command options can easily be hooked up with any Alexa or Google device to get desired lighting and shading instantly or have preconfigured scheduling coding to never think about blind adjustments again! Talk about convenience and reliability. No matter the blind type – lower, raise, or tilt – motorized blinds can be installed in any home or even office space. Eliminate potentially dangerous cords being in the reach of animals and children when choosing motorized blinds that runs off a lithium battery pack. However, rechargeable features may require an outlet and USB cord. Otherwise, think about a solar powered option – after all, the blinds and mount will be constantly exposed to light, and will further expand savings on electricity and save time buying or looking for batteries. Skip the cost of hiring a professional installer, as most motorized blinds can be installed as a do-it-yourself project. Simply select a mounting location, and one near a power source if choosing a plug-in or rechargeable feature, after placing batteries, usually AA, into it, if applicable. Then, clip it into the mounting brackets. Making mock holes before installation is strongly recommended, but more importantly, ensuring that existing window blinds can be used, or modifications must be considered beforehand. Lastly, if the motorised blinds come with Smart features, download its APP to optimize its abilities!
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