AbstractUnderstanding the nonlinearity of pendulum tuned mass dampers (PTMDs) under large-amplitude vibration is important to enhance control performance. Here, the nonlinear effects of PTMDs on vibration control of a single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) system under harmonic excitation are explored. The nonlinear governing equations of the linear SDOF structure coupled with the PTMD are formulated. The results obtained via the method of harmonic balance under various excitation amplitudes are compared with those obtained employing the linearized system. It is shown that the effects of PTMD nonlinearity can be ignored when the PTMD rotation angle is below about 9°. Upon increasing the excitation amplitude, remarkable differences are observed between the nonlinear and linear frequency response functions (FRFs). Large mass ratios of PTMD are found to lead to reduced PTMD motion and attenuated nonlinear effects. A parametric study is performed to find the optimal parameters of the nonlinear PTMD under various excitation amplitudes. The results indicate that the optimal tuning frequency ratio increases significantly with excitation amplitudes, whereas the optimal damping is less sensitive to excitation amplitudes. Finally, a 61-m-high steel chimney structure subjected to harmonic and random wind loadings is investigated to verify the proposed PTMD design method.

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