AbstractThe design phase is when most critical decisions are made in terms of building maintainability. However, process-oriented empirical studies that identify problem factors and develop strategies remain lacking. Based on this gap in the literature, this research proposes a framework for enhancing architectural design decisions and practices through identifying and exploring problem factors affecting building maintainability. In addition, this research developed strategies to overcome the shortcomings of current practices in the Turkish building sector. Architectural design factors that influence building maintainability and relevant problems were evaluated through a web-based questionnaire survey conducted with facility managers. The findings indicate that improper selection of building materials and inadequate provisions for waterproofing, indoor ventilation, and service areas appear to be prominent areas of concern. Moreover, it was observed that the facility management profession has not gained a well-deserved place in the industry. The strategies proposed to overcome the shortcomings of current practices could be assumed to be supportive actions both for creating awareness in the industry and for making appropriate architectural design decisions about building maintainability.

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