The Facebook Forest City campus development is comprised of two 370,000-sq.-ft. buildings. Both buildings are divided into four separate data suites. Having achieved LEED Gold certification, a key sustainable feature is a separate 25,000-sq.-ft. air handling penthouse for each data suite that utilizes a 100% evaporative cooling method. DPR also collaborated with the local utility company to construct an on-site medium voltage transmission substation.

Pre-set goals for the project included:

  • Completion of each phase ahead of schedule
  • Zero defects at substantial completion of each phase
  • Exceeding 75% local workforce participation

In order to beat the schedule, DPR incorporated Lean construction practices for an open and consistent dialog between trades resulting in higher predictability and smoother workflow. By using this collaborative approach, each phase of the project was not only delivered ahead of the contracted schedule but also with zero defects at substantial completion. This allowed Facebook to begin populating their data suites and trafficking live data sooner. To exceed the local hiring goal, DPR collaborated with subcontractors, held career fairs, and posted hiring information to social media and other websites. This dedicated team effort allowed the project to attain 90% its manpower from the local workforce for both buildings.

Green Features

All phases are slated for LEED-NC Gold certification.

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