AbstractTo date, research conducted on interactive learning spaces (ILSs) has focused on the student learning experience, with limited focus on faculty perceptions. In this study, construction management faculty were surveyed about the availability of interactive learning spaces, the impact of teaching in a space designed for active learning, and the challenges associated with an active learning classroom. The survey was distributed to approximately 960 faculty members at 170 universities with 4-year construction management programs in North America and Europe. Approximately 65 faculty members responded from 55 universities. While a significant number of programs have access to at least one ILS and the general consensus is positive for these types of spaces, programs with fewer students continue to rely heavily on traditional classrooms. For those programs with active learning classrooms (a type of ILS), responses indicate that room design, technology, pairing classes with the appropriate classroom, and lack of training are challenges to full active learning implementation. While this study explored education within the construction management sector of the built environment, the authors suggest that the findings could be extrapolated and further explored within other Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) disciplines.

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