Jagruti Kothawade, an Interior Designer in Pune has been creating beautiful residential/commercial interior designs for homes and corporate offices for more than a decade.

Life’s tough enough with the number of home dcor ideas doing the rounds. It becomes horrible when we miss out on the little attention to detail. We discuss the top five bloopers of a home dcor spree in the following section.1) Out-of-Place Themes:While the necessity of employing a theme is emphasized, you also should know which ones to say no to. Explore home dcor magazines or surf the internet and see what looks good. This more often than not, gives you an idea of what looks good and what will only send your hard-earned money up in flames. Use dcor accents that subtly imply a theme instead of making a jaded dcor statement. Also, it is essential not to overdo any theme, especially if you’re picking a color-based theme. Don’t get all your furniture color coordinated in a way that is bound to look tacky in the end. Choose your colors and themes wisely.2) Furniture Arrangement blunders:Furniture coupling and arrangement could be a tricky art, especially if you are just a beginner and doing up your first home. It is very important to balance the furniture and the dcor accents carefully. If your sofa is oversized and heavy, have a center table that’s on the lighter side to compensate. Tall lampshades and flower vases help complete the look. Also, do not push all your furniture into the walls. This invariably kills the idea that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.3) De-clutter:De-clutter your rooms. Over furnishing is as bad as wrong furnishing. A lot of good pieces will kill your dcor as much as a single plain piece of furniture. Balance your furniture, colors and accents in a way that keeps the look alive. All of these elements come together to complete your look.4) Undressed Cables:So you have a huge plasma TV and a home theatre and the Play Station. Did you cover up the cables after installation? If you haven’t, please pay attention to this one tiny detail immediately. Get a guy to hide it all straight away. This may seem trivial, but it’s what kills the entire look and feel of the area. Concealing cables is the most important job to consider if you have a litany of gizmos in your home.5) Over-formal:Making a room look formal is fine, but overdoing it is a major home dcor faux pas. It is extremely essential to make people feel welcome and comfortable in your space. Incorporate furniture and furnishings that tend to your comfort as well as that of your guests. After all, we pay attention to dcor infinitely more seriously because people judge you by the appearance of your home! Home dcor is essentially an art, that doesn’t come with a rulebook and stringent set of guidelines. At the end of the day, your home should reflect your style. However, if a few little details are kept in mind, it helps to achieve a brilliant effect that will stay with you for years to come.

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She has worked with established architects, international designing firms and handled turnkey projects independently, before establishing Jagruti Interior Design Studio in 2011 in Pune. Jagruti has been considered as the Best Interior Designer in Pune by her clients.

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