Not only are we East London’s friendliest rug dealer, but also a maker of beautiful rugs with an eye on craft and unique design. Based in London’s Shoreditch district, our showroom is home to hand-made rugs that prove our off-beat approach to rug design creates the very best results. Through the championing of young design talent and collaborations with established stars, we’ve built a unique and sometimes left field collection of beautifully made rugs. Standing alongside discoveries made on our regular trips as well as a series of in-house designs, at FLOOR_STORY you’ll find rugs that celebrate diversity and creativity.

Innovative Designer Collaborations

In our collaborative capsule projects with established designers including names such as Camille Walala, Dame Zandra Rhodes, Sebastian Wrong and 2LG, along with some of the country’s most notable young design talent, the FLOOR_STORY Designer Collection has become a beacon for rugs as an expressive medium and has received notable acclaim.

And then there’s our in-house collection, bringing your home beautiful rugs designed by us and hand-made to the very best quality by the world’s finest artisans. Combined with rugs discovered on sourcing trips to Turkey and beyond, including an extraordinary selection of vintage over-dyed styles, the FLOOR_STORY collection is carefully curated to bring a bold and left field approach to rugs.

Goodweave Certified

We take our making incredibly seriously, working with only the most ethical weaving centres to create rugs of exquisite quality. Using only the finest wools and silks, they hand-tuft and hand-knot rugs with a meticulous attention-to-detail only possible because of their experience and understanding of rug craft. We are a GoodWeave certified retailer with 75% of our hand-made rugs supplied bearing the GoodWeave label.

Adam Nathaniel Furman

Adam Nathaniel Furman describes his work as ‘joyously deviant’ and we’re inclined to agree. A delight in colour, pattern, texture and form; his work has graced exhibitions right across the world and is held in collections of the Design Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Art. Noted as one of Icon magazines ‘100 talents of 2018-19’ and ‘FX Product Designer of the Year 2019’, there’s no doubt that Adam is one of the true talents of the design industry.

Equal parts pleasure, colour, & joy

 Of Argentinian, Japanese and Israeli heritage, Adam trained in architecture and fine art. Now based in London, Adam’s projects are diverse, ranging from Japanese apartment interiors to tiles, chairs, lamps and art installations. His techniques are also remarkable in their diversity, from 3D printed ceramics to handmade resin furniture, and now rugs with FLOOR_STORY.

Mediterranean Collection

How would you describe your collection with FLOOR_STORY? The collection is inspired by the Mediterranean, by lazy summer holidays, ancient ruins, and divine sunsets. They are meant to recall both the incredible history and ornamental traditions there, as well as the glorious brightness of exquisite pigments under the bright sun, from the repetitive geometries on ancient pottery, to the exquisite radial forms of roman mosaic pavements, to the little domed and vaulted houses that populate the islands of the Aegean, to the strong primary shapes of the marble pavement in the Pantheon.

How would you describe your style and what has influenced your design? I would describe my style as Joyously Deviant. I work hard to make sure that everything I design embodies a kind of voluptuous sensuality; a delight in colour, texture, pattern, form and ornament that immerses itself in history and tradition, but treats both with lightness, irreverence, and fun, bringing references and techniques from ancient times and the more recent past into the present with a shot of tequila.


FLOOR_STORY - Mediterranean Collection Catalogue 1

Construction: Tufted
Material: NZ Wool
Standard Sizes: 150, 180, 200, 250, 300 ∅ cm


FLOOR_STORY - Mediterranean Collection Catalogue 2

Construction: Tufted
Material: NZ Wool
Standard Sizes: 160×230, 200×300, 240×340 cm


FLOOR_STORY - Mediterranean Collection Catalogue 3

Construction: Tufted
Material: NZ Wool
Standard Sizes: 70×230, 160×230, 200×300 cm



FLOOR_STORY - Mediterranean Collection Catalogue 4

Construction: Tufted
Material: NZ Wool & Viscose
Standard Sizes: 150×150, 180×180, 200×200, 250×250, 300×300 cm



FLOOR_STORY - Mediterranean Collection Catalogue 5

Construction: Flatweave
Material: NZ Wool
Standard Sizes: 160×230, 200×300 cm



For additional information please contact:

Simon Goff | Director

Gill Thorpe | Designer

Diane Bresson | Creative Assistant

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