AbstractA standard method for the mix design of pervious concrete (PC) is not available. This study provides a novel framework, based on film thickness index (FTI), for the mix design of PC. The developed methodology is tested and validated on pervious paver blocks (PPB), fabricated at varying FTI and water-cement (w/c) ratios. Laboratory testings and statistical analysis are performed to understand the effect of FTI and w/c ratio on various properties of PPB. A procedure has been proposed to select the optimum FTI and w/c ratio to achieve the targeted desired properties. An increase in FTI reduces the porosity and infiltration rate (IR) while increases the compressive strength and abrasion resistance. Statistical inferences indicate that FTI significantly affects the porosity, IR, and skid resistance of PPB. For the gradation used in this study, PPB fabricated with 0.4 mm FTI at a 0.3  w/c ratio shows a good balance between the functional, strength, and pore characteristics. The output of the present study reveals that FTI-based methodology can be effectively adopted for the mix design of PPB, or any other form of PC. More studies are required to appreciate the applicability of the proposed framework.

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