AbstractDelay analysis and all its relevant techniques is an eminently sought-after area of study; in fact, delay analysis within the construction industry is currently a field that lies under the umbrella of ongoing progressiveness. Its necessity lies within the need for contractors to substantiate their right with regards to qualitative entitlement to an extension of time, which proves to be a tedious process. Problems faced in the delay analysis submission process mostly constitute a skewed advantage point to the contractor, which eventually leads the engineer to face a tedious task of tracing the steps conduced or even dealing with manipulated schedule submissions. Such gives rise to the need of combining forthcoming technology with prominent delay analysis techniques to establish a sense of security between parties. Despite previous research efforts in exploring blockchain technology within the project management realm, nothing addressed its usage in depth with delay analysis. Therefore, this paper aims to explore a framework of implementing delay analysis techniques through blockchain technology to allow for not only facilitating interactions between parties within the delay analysis implementation process, but also creating a secure and updated reserve to refer to. At the outset, the framework shall include a study of its applicability by analyzing the availability of required technology. To proceed, a structured work flow for the entire process was mapped out to bring the pairing of blockchain technology and delay analysis one step closer for practitioners’ implementation within the construction industry.

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