AbstractFriction properties of open graded asphalt friction course (OGAFC) mixtures play an essential role in ensuring traffic safety, especially under wet weather conditions. This study evaluated the friction characteristics of basic oxygen furnace (BOF) and electric-arc furnace (EAF) steel slag aggregate incorporated OGAFC mixes. Nine sets of OGAFC mixes were fabricated using five percentage replacements (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%) of the coarse natural aggregate fraction by BOF and EAF steel slags. The effect of modified binder type (polymer and crumb-rubber modified) on the frictional characteristics of OGAFC mixes was also examined. The principal friction test devices used were the British pendulum tester and dynamic friction tester. Multiple friction performance aspects were studied: (1) effect of surface condition (dry, wet, and ponding) on the measured friction coefficient; (2) separate evaluation of adhesion and hysteresis friction components; (3) variation of friction coefficient with varying slip speeds, and (4) friction performance later in the OGAFC service life using artificially polished aggregates, and comparison of the performance with unpolished aggregates. Results revealed that the use of steel slags in OGAFC mixes considerably enhanced the frictional characteristics and that the skid resistance of OGAFC-BOF mixes was better than that of OGAFC-EAF mixes. Frictional resistance of the mixes was found to increase with an increase in steel slag content. OGAFC mixes comprising polished steel slag aggregates also showed promising results with the increment in steel slag content. The findings also indicated that OGAFC-CRMB mixes perform better than OGAFC-PMB mixes.

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