AbstractThe monitoring and determination of the suitable time for performing the maintenance works of municipal infrastructures consisting of water, sewer, drainage, and road networks have been matters of concern for the related authorities. Infrastructure facilities usually share the same space, which dictates the importance of implementing integrated maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement (MR&R) plans. The optimization of MR&R plans for all these facilities greatly depends on knowing how to predict the future status of these facilities and how much cost would be incurred by such activities. This research deals with the development of a financial model based on an integrated MR&R approach by utilizing geographical information system (GIS)-based data and tools. Such systems maintain the data of each facility on GIS platforms and reflect its operational status regarding need and priority for rehabilitation. Two case studies are performed for the research along with numerical examples using the developed financial model for integrated MR&R. Various factors including sacrificed service life cost, direct cost, and social and environmental impact costs are incorporated in the model. The results show that there is a significant difference in costs incurred when using the integrated MR&R activity approach for replacing sewer pipes along with water supply pipes compared with dealing with each facility separately because it reduced the cost of sewer replacement by almost 39% and 37% for first and second case, respectively. The reduction is further expected to increase in case more facilities are rehabilitated at the same time. The application and the validation of the developed model are done by using a logical approach of applicability factor. The research shall prove to be beneficial for the infrastructure design and execution industries as well as the related municipal authorities in the management and planning of cost and execution works efficiently.

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