While the rules vary from one part of the country to the next, there are regulations about whether you need your lumber to have an official grade stamp before you can use it for projects. A lot of people do not realise this, even with using the best chain sawmill to make your own lumber, you need to have that lumber graded before you use it. If it is not stamped it will not pass any kind of inspection. Here is a closer look. The steps to take to be able to use your own lumber Check with the local or state building code office – You need to know what the rules are where you live. As well as the rules varying so does how strictly they are enforced. Buy the wood grading rules books – The book you need depends on the type of tree you are cutting your lumber from. Contact the right agency – The agency you need to contact depends on the type of softwood you are using. Contact the right people to tell them about your plans and make certain your wood when you use your saw mill USA will meet the regulations in length, thickness, moisture content, width and such. Saw the lumber – You can then saw the lumber according to what you have learned and to your project needs. Arrange a visit from a lumber inspector – Have an inspector come, making sure you are prepared for them, with everything laid it properly and documentation there as needed. Understanding the grade stamp When you use the best chain sawmill for lumber in a structure, each part will carry some of the load. There are dimensions established for different softwoods according to how much a piece can support. Any building inspector will look for a grade stamp on the lumber used to make sure it can handle the load. It is an important part of all building regulations and codes. It is also a way a buyer or other party that is interested can get some important information. The information that can be learned from a grade stamp includes; Who the agency was that supervised the lumber quality What the species of the tree was KD would indicate kiln dried to the moisture content shown Identification of the mill, brand or manufacturer What grade designation the lumber has HT would mean heat teated Seasoning S-GRN over 19% moisture unseasoned S-Dry 19% max moisture content MC 15 15% max moisture content Grading your lumber If you only use your saw mill USA to make small quantities of hardwood or softwood lumber then you can ask for a certificate inspection. The grading agency will then arrange for the closest inspector to head to you. They will grade stamp the lumber and give you a certificate and that lumber is then good to be used in construction. You will have to be there ready to turn and move things as they need you to, and it can be helpful to have things organised, according to lengths and widths and then by your estimation of their grade.
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