As sustainability becomes more important to consumers, new guidelines have been released to help purchasing professionals find the most sustainable options for their needs. The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) has released Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing V1.0 as a pilot program running from February to July 2015.

The program involves training, collaboration, and feedback periods to engage as many affected parties as possible, including purchasers, suppliers, standards developers, and public interest groups to help improve the guidance process. So far, 80 organizations have signed on for the pilot program, collectively representing over $100 billion in purchasing power. Government agencies such as GSA and EPA and major companies like Ecolab and Office Depot are among the participants.

“Organizations in a wide variety of sectors and regions can use this guidance to understand the environmental, social, and economic lifecycle impacts of their purchased goods and services, identify actions that best address these priorities, and benchmark progress toward goals,” says the SPLC.

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