The most important part of any building is usually the foundation. This is especially true if that building in question is a home or dwelling, as the safety and security of the people inside is paramount. For homeowners, it can be a costly and time-consuming process if the signs of damage are not acted upon soon enough. If you do spot any signs of wear and tear then home foundation repair might be in order. Not only is it vital to ensure that your house is properly protected against damage to this most important part of its structure, but it’s crucial to know what information you can trust and what is just fake news! In this article we’re going to give you some key facts about home foundation repair so you can tell the myths apart from the good advice. The Impact on the Home It is a fairly common belief that issues to foundations don’t have as much of an impact on the house as other problems do. There are those who see foundations as purely a basement issue and not something that will affect what goes on above ground. This myth is very dangerous as it encourages homeowners to ignore a problem where home foundation repair could be required to correct a serious issue. There are few problems in a house as impactful as those that concern the foundations. The Money Home foundation repair costs tens of thousands of dollars, and it could even bankrupt you. That seems to be the common cry when it comes to asking how much these types of issues cost to fix. While it is true that the costs can be high for severe problems that are left untreated, these are the exceptions, and are often only the case when an issue has been left to worsen over time. You’ll save a lot of money if you get the experts out quickly as soon as you notice the problem. Construction Issues There are a lot of people who’ve experienced upheaval in their foundations, or other types of problems, who put that down to the initial contractor. Surely their work must not have been up to code? This could be the case, but it’s rare. More often than not, problems to the structure are caused by changes in the surrounding earth. As that shifts – due to weather or other factors – the house itself can shift. No matter how well constructed the house is, this is always a possibility. Just Patch the Cracks When you’re looking for these types of issues, you’re usually told to check for cracks in various parts of the house. This is where moisture gets in, and they’re often a sign of movement. Some advice out there would tell you that patching up the cracks is enough to resolve the issue. However, this is not the case. Filling in cracks may temporarily stop the leak, but it won’t fix the underlying problem. The house may shift again and more cracks will appear. Call in the Pros Being informed about the intricacies of home foundation repair is very important. Crucial, in fact. Without a good base of knowledge you’ll not be able to recognize the signs that something is amiss. However, even with the most complete structural knowledge of your house, this type of repair work is not something that you should undertake yourself. It’s complex, time-consuming and potentially dangerous work and should always be the responsibility of trained professionals. If you use your newfound knowledge for anything, it should be to identify when it’s time to call in the experts! Author Plate Nick Iskenian is a local resident of New Jersey and the owner and founder of Best Choice Waterproofing. The company provides effective, professional quality solutions for damp problems, carrying out basement waterproofing and home foundation repair. If your home is suffering from water seepage, mildew, damp, cracks, warping, paint peeling or a range of other issues, their highly trained field operators have the skills and experience to solve the problem.
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