This article shows you how you can use steel in your home. Steel is environmentally friendly, durable, and long-lasting so is perfect for a busy home.  It also looks fantastic!

Steel may not be the first material you think about for your home but it does have many fantastic applications and benefits that will improve the look and value of your home.
With so many products now being made of plastic is it not time to consider an environmentally-friendly option? Steel is classed as environmentally friendly because it is often made from salvaged scrap and is fully recyclable at the end of use.
It is also extremely long-lasting and durable. Unlike wood, children playing will not damage it and you won’t have to paint or varnish it every few years to keep it in great condition.
So how can you use steel in a home? Here are a few ideas:
StaircaseA steel staircase can become a stunning piece of architecture in your home.  It can include wood inlays in the treads or wood or glass in the balustrades to soften the appearance.  Don’t be thinking industrial or factory staircases.  A steel staircase can look stunning.The steel can be finished with a paint or powder-coat, to your specified colour or it can be galvanised.
Railings & BalustradesGive your home some kerb appeal with modern steel railings.  You could have them as decorative handrail up to your door or in place of a wooden fence around your boundary.  Do you have a patio? Adding steel railings around your patio area with a glass inlay will keep the cold breezes away whilst still allowing you to view your garden. 
Kitchen UpgradesSteel can be used in a kitchen for many purposes.  Even a traditional wooden kitchen can be transformed by adding steel backsplashes. Or if you like the industrial look, you could introduce steel worktops or even a bespoke steel island. 
Architectural Designs & SculpturesThe look of a home can be completely transformed with some decorative steel.  I know of some people who have included steel sculptures in their gardens and homes.  At the Blake Group in Edinburgh, we have also worked with architects who have added steel facings and features to the exterior walls of homes.  
BalconyAdding a stunning steel balcony to an upper floor room could not only enhance your home but let you enjoy a beautiful view from your home that you normally only get a glimpse of. Imagine sitting out at night watching the stars or the sun setting.  Maybe you can see the sun rising from your bedroom so sitting on a balcony with your morning coffee would be the perfect way to start the day.
I am sure you can think of many more uses for steel in a home.  It is a stunning material that will look fantastic for many years. Its looks do not deteriorate.  If anything, it looks better with age.

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Robert is an experienced engineer and fabricator who is a manager at the Blake Group in Edinburgh.

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