In Indian culture, religious rituals are given much importance. When it comes to Indian households, a similar situation prevails. Home temple is an essential part of every home and most people begin their day only after completing their prayers in this part of their house.

The existence of a pooja mandir offers a way to connect with the higher power or the almighty before starting and ending the day. Thus, it cannot be denied that pooja room designs play an important role in imparting a soulful religious experience.
Today, everyone wants to bring their interiors at par with the modern trends. Pooja room should not be alienated from embracing modernity. Your mandir’s surroundings can be made more exciting by making a few simple changes. From intricate door designs to a compact cabinet for keeping the deities, there is no limit to experimentation. Are you ready to explore some of the finest mandir designs for your space? Keep reading.
Pooja room designs with intricate door patterns
The most beautiful mandir design for home is to go in for small diamond-shaped patterns on the doors of your home temple. It reflects the old world look and similarly sets the atmosphere around it. It also suffuses the room with traditional vibes which is something that every Indian household desires. These kinds of designs enliven this part of your home and make you feel more connected with your deity. Set your idols inside these temples and impart a devotional look to your sacred space. The best part of these pooja room ideas is that they allow even the simplest pooja spaces to be filled with a timeless charm.
Small and compact designs
Pooja room designs characterised by a compact home temple are perfect for smaller apartments. Are you short on space? Or are you tired of seeing pooja room designs that are meant only for spacious households? Well, don’t worry. You can still make your sacred space look appealing with a mandir design for home that makes use of small and compact home temples. They can be easily fitted on the wall at an appropriate height and will free you of all space constraints.
Traditional temple design for home 
An elaborate home temple design with a feature to add bells inside will surely make your pooja room distinct from so many others. You can go in for a traditional design for your pooja room by integrating bells in open style temples along with detailing on the door. Moreover, you will hear the sound of bells echo in every part of your home. Such a design is great for those who are extremely devout and like to carry out all their rituals in a comprehensive manner.
Mandir designs to add a splash of colour
A temple design for home does not necessarily have to blend in with your existing room décor. You do not need to place only dark coloured temples there. You can instil positive vibes and make this sacred place look more radiant through mandir designs that add a burst of colour. A home temple design with vibrant colour can transport anyone into the ancient religious cities of Vrindavan and Mathura. A colourful wooden pooja mandir for home designs is one of the best ways to decorate this part of your interiors.
Conclusion: There is no end to the variety of pooja room designs. If you are planning to give a makeover to this essential place then come on over to WoodenStreet. You will certainly be able to decide on the best design that suits your pooja room and make it look more pleasing than before.
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