Vinyl fencing has been a popular choice among homeowners for quite some time because it is cheap. However, vinyl fencing is cheap because it’s flimsy compared to other, more reliable fencing materials. If you are a home or business owner looking to increase the value of your property with a durable and weather-resistant fencing solution, it’s a good idea to steer clear of vinyl options. A better choice is a precast concrete fence, which is exceptionally weather-resistant, durable, stylish, and still affordable. Learn more by contacting a highly-rated concrete expert in your area today. Vinyl Fences Don’t Have These Benefits. Vinyl fences might have the look you seek for your property, but they don’t offer the same benefits that precast concrete walls will. Concrete is famous for its strength and durability. It takes ages for concrete to wear down. In contrast, vinyl fences require continuous upkeep and can easily be destroyed with strong winds or extreme storm conditions. Precast concrete is manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring quality, sturdiness, weather resistance, and affordability all in one neat bundle. Plus, concrete fencing is easier to install, requiring less time and money. Major Issues with Vinyl Fencing Vinyl fencing solutions have many significant issues which cost you more money in the long run. One thing to consider is their impact on the environment since they are made of more synthetic materials than concrete fences. Furthermore, they are highly susceptible to mold, mildew, and algae growth. These growths can cause permanent staining if not appropriately treated and can cost a lot of money to have removed. Vinyl fences also require regular washing and scrubbing, which concrete fences don’t. Strong winds can whip these flimsy fences apart quickly. Plus, vinyl is not as secure as a concrete fencing solution that protects against intruders in style. Vinyl Isn’t as Customizable Another major thing to consider is how customizable your fencing options will be. With vinyl fencing, you have numerous color options and a few different styling choices, but vinyl always looks like vinyl. In contrast, concrete allows you endless possibilities. Concrete can look like typical concrete – gray and stone-like. However, concrete can also mimic other popular materials like wood, stone, rocks, and even bricks. This means that your style and staining options are endless. With a concrete fencing solution, you receive the best of both worlds: durability and customization. Vinyl can’t do that. If you think a concrete fence is a suitable choice for you, don’t hesitate. Contact your local concrete expert today. Find different styles of concrete fencing today.
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