AbstractThe resilience of interorganizational projects has attracted increasing attention from researchers and practitioners. However, the impact of governance of interorganizational relationships on project resilience has not been understood or empirically investigated. Using dynamic capability theory, this study investigated the mechanism by which interorganizational governance influences project resilience. According to the literature and theoretical analysis, resource reconfiguration is identified as a mediator between interorganizational governance and project resilience. It was conducted by a quantitative analysis of a survey of the engineering industry in China using structural equation modeling. The findings show that both contractual governance and relational governance are enablers of project resilience. This unpacks how this relationship can be achieved through resource reconfiguration as the mediator and contract governance partially function through relational elements. Drawing on the dynamic capability view, our findings enrich the body of knowledge of resilience in the project realm by exploring the impact of contractual and relational governance mechanisms on project resilience.

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