Are you moving in to a new home? Or do you want to give the home you’re living in a fresh look? It’s amazing the impact the right furniture can have on your home. Wooden furniture offers an unbeatable elegance and durability.

From chairs and tables to beds and sofas, you can find all type of wooden furniture online. The best part of shopping online is that you get to see the product from different angles and it gets delivered to your home. It’s the most convenient way to shop. That said, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your shopping experience is memorable for the right reasons.
Shop from well-known brands
There’s a new website being launched every day. When it comes to furniture, maintaining quality is not easy. While some furniture e-commerce websites resell furniture they’ve sourced from elsewhere, others sell furniture that has been manufactured by them. It’s always preferable to go with the latter. That said, you’ll find furniture manufacturers by the roadside too. But, these local brands will not pay much attention to quality. All they’re really bothered about is selling the piece. How long it lasts isn’t their concern. When you shop from known brands, the brands know that their brand image is at stake with every piece sold. Hence, they will do their best to treat the wood well and construct furniture that lasts. The bottom line – shop from a brand that you recognize and that maintains high quality standards.
Don’t depend only on pictures
A lady saw a picture of a beautiful upholstered recliner and ordered it. But, when it arrived, all she got was an upholstered cover for a recliner. When she went back to complain, she realized that in the fine print, the product was mentioned as a recliner cover, not a recliner. To avoid such unpleasant surprises, don’t base your buying decision only on the product photographs. Read the description too. When it comes to the photograph, the product should be shown from multiple angles. Furniture manufacturers wil have the actual piece and so can shoot it in different ways but retailers who are merchandizing their stock may not be able to do so. So, this is a good way to differentiate between the two.
Read the descriptions given alongside every product. Pay particular attention to details such as the type of wood used, the dimensions and weight specifications. You should know that for certain types of furniture, even though the description reads as solid wood, there may also be plyboard. For example, many beds use plywood for the base. Similarly, tables may have wooden legs and plywood tops. Most websites have a chat bot where you can ask for clarifications. Don’t shy away from asking questions.
Double check dimensions
First, check the units used to indicate the dimensions of wooden furniture online. Furniture sizes are typically mentioned either in terms of inches (“) or centimeters (cm). There’s a big difference between the two so check the unit used. Next, check that the piece fits your home. You can use tape to mark the area where the furniture will fit. Mark out the length and breadth as well as the height. This gives you an idea of how the piece will look once installed. Each piece of furniture also has additional dimensions you should know. For example, when it comes to chairs, you should know the seat height. For beds, you should know the mattress height.
Read the fine print
When you shop online, you don’t get to meet the store owner. To know more about them, read the about us page on the website. You should also read information on shipping delivery, returns and warranties before placing your order. Most retailers offer free delivery but it’s always better to check. In the case of furniture like sofas or tables where the legs are sent separately, look into whether the company offers installation service. You may need to ask for this separately. Ask about returns , refunds and replacements. Some companies may allow you to return the product while others may offer a replacement. Find out the time period for returns/refunds. Some companies may also charge a restocking fee. This is a small percentage but it’s better to be aware about it from the onset. Also, check about the availability of after-sales service. If your furniture starts warping or develops a termite infestation after a year, will the company help you out?
Shopping for wooden furniture online is the most convenient way to add style to your dream home. There are countless designs available online so browse, take your time, compare prices and when you’re satisfied, add that beautiful sofa to your cart and check out. In a few days, it’ll be home and you can show it off to your friends.

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Woodsala is a Furniture Manufacturing company based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India and we produce modern and antique wooden furniture, priding ourselves on our attention to detail and top-class service. We offer a wide range of wooden furniture online for restaurants, hotels and even your own home. Whatever your furniture requirements are, you will find the solution here!

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