It can be difficult to know who is telling the truth when it comes to their products. While “green” products are popular, so is stretching the truth.

Terms such as “all-natural” distort the identity of surface cleaners that are anything but all natural products. No form of FDA certification backs buzzwords like “organic” that hand sanitizer brands slap on their bottles.

Facilities managers who are trying to improve the operations of their distribution, wholesale or manufacturing facilities, or who are looking for suppliers with efficient, environmentally friendly operations, may be interested in the achievements of participants in ISSA’s and Sustainability Dashboard Tools’ Distributor Efficiency Analytics and Learning (DEAL) program since its inception in 2016.

Distributor Efficiency Analytics and Learning (DEAL) is a comprehensive program that incorporates learning, analytics, and awards to help distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers benchmark their performance, streamline their operations and realize significant savings in warehousing and fleet expenses.

The recurrent online Learning Sessions component of DEAL provide actionable, low-cost/high-impact improvement measures that guide participants toward increasing the efficiency of their facilities and fleets. Then DEAL’s Analytics component helps users track their performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and compare their operations to other companies with similar attributes on a national level. The program’s Awards component kicks in to recognize companies that have successfully implemented the program and distinguish their achievements.

ISSA partner Sustainability Dashboard Tools provides comprehensive data management services, including data gathering, data analysis software, the Sustainability Dashboard, and performance reporting to a range of business sectors.

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