If you want to incorporate a business or company of yours into HP new, follow the steps below. Step 1 – Choose the name and type of company that you want to incorporate. The first step before incorporating a company in HK is to determine whether you want to choose a company limited by shares or a company limited by guarantee in HK. company limited by shares is a company where AOA limits the liability of the members to the amount that is unpaid on shares held by them. On the other hand, a company limited by guarantee is a company where the liability of the members, as well as the share capital, has been limited by AOA to the amount which members undertake for contributing to the company’s assets. After choosing the company type, you must select a name for your company. You must refer to the guidelines in PDF format for registering company names for Hong Kong companies. If your company name comes similar to the one that appears in the index of names of companies kept by the registrar, then it will be rejected. If your company name infringes the IPR or intellectual property rights of a third party, it must not be adopted because infringement of property rights can lead to civil or criminal sanction in Hong Kong. You should search the official trademark register to know details about company incorporation services in HK. Step 2 – Deliver Application. The next step after choosing a name and type of the company is to submit the official documents and the fees Electronically or in hard copy form to the government office. You have to fill out that incorporation form NNC1 if you are going for a company limited by shares, and for a company not limited by shares, you have to fill out form NNC1G. A copy of your company’s AOA should also be submitted and notice to IRBR1 or Business Registration Office. Step 3 – Collect Certificates If your application gets approved, you must download it and collect the certificate, which is known as a business registration certificate and certificate of incorporation. You will be issued this certificate in a hard copy or electronic form, depending on which mode of application delivery you choose. Certificates in hardcopy or electronic form have similar legal effects. For example, applications that are delivered electronically for companies limited by shares will be issued within an hour. In addition, an E-mail notification for downloading the certificate will be sent to your e-mail address after the delivery of the application. On the other hand, certificates for private companies limited by shares in the form of the hard copy are generally issued within four days. You’ll be getting fax once the certificate becomes ready to collect. You have to collect them in person at the registry on presentation of the notification of the collection of the certificate. Step 4 – Obtain License and Permits. Suppose you want to obtain permits and licenses. In that case, you have to visit the official site of the Trade and Industry department in HK and get approval associated with export and import operations in Hong Kong. You can take help from HK company incorporation services that many companies provide to incorporate a company in HK.  If you want help during the incorporation process of your company in Hong Kong, then you can reach out to us as we can help you in every step and start a business or company here smoothly without any challenge.
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