Picking a dream house is an arduous process that can feel never ending, especially if the price tag needs to fit within a very specific price range. Not only are those looking to buy hoping to find the house that meets all their present requirements, but they likely want a home that has the space for a family to grow into and live in comfortably for many years to come. Anytime a person is making a significant investment, they must do their due diligence. That is especially true when buying a home as there are countless potential problems in a house that may not become apparent until after a thorough inspection. Below is a guide that anyone can use to inspect a house before they commit to a purchase. Site and Grounds Ensuring a structure is protected against earthquakes is essential. Christchurch is no stranger to such events, considering the earthquake of 2011. The best approach for such an inspection is to call in professionals, as they can bring geotechnical engineers to assist them during that process, if necessary. Another key aspect of house inspections in Christchurch is thoroughly examining the site and grounds. Drainage issues can pose significant threats to any structure, and if the home is older, such a check is especially important, as there may be lingering issues with the soil that have not been handled by the previous owner. Check pathways and driveways to ensure that everything is safe and that no parts have significant damage. Assess gates and fences, with particular attention being paid to whether any rotting damage is present. Landscaping and gardening should also be assessed, as buyers may not want to spend a fortune in getting a landscaper to redo their grounds as soon as they purchase a house. Exterior Structure The second part of a building inspection involves the exterior structure, where buyers must check the walls and wall cladding to ensure no damage is present. Another key step is to look for areas where the paint or coating may be damaged. Assess those areas to see if any signs of significant interior damage are present. There should not be any mould or water damage to the walls, as that could indicate a more serious problem with the home’s foundation. Water damage might also be tied to earthquakes as the shakes cause structural movement which can increase a home’s vulnerability to leaks. If there are signs of such damage during the building inspection, getting in a specialist that handles house inspections in Christchurch is highly recommended. Roof The roof of a house is its most important structure, as a good roof is all that is there between the elements and the home’s structural integrity. Ensure there is no corrosion to the sheet roofing while doing a check to see if the roof is free of any bulges or movement. The gables should not have any damage, while the shingles or tiles should be in good condition with none looking askew or loose. Another necessary check involves seeing whether the valleys of the roof are draining effectively, and that no damage is present on the roofing’s underside. Interior Spaces The kitchen and bathrooms are the rooms people use most often in their home, which is why they are so important to check thoroughly. The kitchen bench top should not have any discolouration or water damage, while the cupboards should not show any signs of rotting, mould, or have musty smells. Run the faucets and check under the sink as well. Check the kitchen appliances, if there are any being included in the sale, to see if they work properly. Look for any signs of water damage near appliances, especially the dishwasher and fridge/freezer. Bathroom inspections involve assessing all the fixtures, looking for water damage on the floor, roof and walls, and ensuring there are no cracks on any of the tiles. If small damage is visible, try to get a discount on the final purchase price, as you can use that money towards quick repairs. Beyond the kitchen and bathrooms, check the walls and roof of every room on each floor. Any sign of mould, rotting, water damage, or other issues is an immediate red flag, and justification for a more thorough building inspection by a professional. Get Peace of Mind Going through with a house purchase is the best feeling, especially after a long process of finding the ideal home and obtaining financing. The temptation to rush through the purchase is very real, but buyers must remain patient. Performing a thorough inspection of the house, or, better yet, asking a professional to do that job, is essential before committing to a purchase. Only when a person or family is 100 percent certain that the house has no significant issues should they sign the contract and pay the seller. For gathering more information about house inspections in Christchurch please check out this link.
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