By their very nature, the words ’emergency air conditioner repair’ denote an immediate need to fix a major problem. This, of course presents the first major hurdle in your air conditioning looked at as soon as possible — what constitutes an emergency? Some people like to keep their home in the 60s when it’s over 100°F outside. When that isn’t possible, panic ensues. For others, they expect to operate their thermostat like they always have, assuming everything will just work. When it doesn’t, well, once again, it’s time to panic. But these ideas of emergencies are all from the perspective of the homeowner. Things are a little different when it comes to HVAC repair companies. If many of them were actually being honest, they’d tell you right away that there’s usually a priority list when it comes to repairs, especially when they are incredibly busy. To make matters worse, the difficulties of the last eighteen months have made getting parts & replacement units harder. This means that terms like ‘priority’ and ‘emergency’ have a bit more fluidity than one might want or expect. But taking things on an even playing field, an emergency can be simply understood as a major home system, like your HVAC, has gone down and is in serious need of repair or possible replacement. The issue most homeowners have is that they aren’t HVAC experts, making it tough to know when the right time is to call for emergency AC repair is or when they may be able to hang back a bit. First things first, trust your instinct. Expertise aside, you know how things run in your own home. You know when something is ‘off’. If you’re still unsure, here are a few other things to look out for: funky odors coming through your vents odd noises that aren’t the same ones you recognize when your AC is running smoothly your home isn’t getting cooler your thermostat is actually showing temps going up Emergency or not, though, it is imperative to mention that homeowners have to have patience, even when requesting emergency air conditioner repair work. The unfortunate events of 2020 & 2021 have put repair companies in tough spots when it comes to availability of materials and prioritizing types of repairs. Other things to keep in mind are: Seasonal Work – Trying to get an AC repairman to your home during the summer means competing with EVERYONE else trying to do the same. While you’re still a valued customer, priority is often given to repairs that are more significant. This can delay repairs a few hours or may require setting an appointment for the next day. Costs – You’re already dealing with an emergency, so the last thing you want to do is get put over a barrel when it comes to shelling out money. Many AC repair companies charge extra for after-hours/overtime work. How these charges work & what kind of money is involved varies, so it really pays to do a little research before things go south. If homeowners can come away with one thing when it comes to emergency air conditioner repair, it would be the importance of proactive thinking. The sooner you choose to make repairs or get major elements of your air conditioning system worked on, the better off you’ll be when it comes to cost. Maintaining a system means you’ll have a qualified technician helping keep an eye out for any issues, which can keep things from becoming problematic or detrimental in the future. You can’t always catch everything that could go wrong before it does. Nonetheless, working with a company like Petrocelli Services in Austin can give you peace of mind that’s priceless, even when things seem to be at their very worst.
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