Is your bedroom clean and healthy enough? Did you know that if you use paint that contains VOC on your walls, it could be off-gassing while you are sleeping? Off-gassing can cause headaches, nausea, loss of coordination and eye, nose and throat irritation. More serious health effects can happen as well. That is why you need to be careful what you bring into your home especially the bedroom is where you spend time for 33% of our lives. Japandi Style would fit if you want to create a greener and healthier bedroom. But you can also make a healthier bedroom with a little change. Let me share 3 things to make your bedroom a little more healthy today. 1. Have Some Indoor Plants Nature is so powerful. The scientifically-proven benefits of having indoor plants such as Peace Lily, English Ivy, Snake Plant, Chrysanthemum, Devil’s Ivy, Dracaena, Bamboo Palm or Gerbera Daisy in your bedroom are it will help reduce stress levels, increase feelings of well-being among people with depression or anxiety. Moreover, it improves the quality of indoor air as well. What plants you should have? 2. Repaint Your Walls As I mentioned above, using paint that contains VOC isn’t ideal when you want to create a healthy home. It even could potentially lead to serious health effects. Therefore if you can, you should repaint your bedroom walls with paint that are contain non-VOC or less VOC. Luckily there are some companies that produce non-chemical paints. So choose paints from these companies to make your bedroom healthier. 3. Natural Bedding What materials are used for your bed linen? If it is made from synthetic materials, you may want to switch to bed linen that is made from natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, wool or bamboo silk. Natural bed linen is very soft and smooth which is good for your skin and also they are fantastic body temperature regulators. Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, natural bedding allows for a comfortable sleep. Lily
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