Getting new concrete driveways for Mornington Peninsula properties is an excellent way to enhance curb appeal and increase the value of any home or business. But before professional concreters pour any concrete, essential prep work must be undertaken. By following these tips before concreting, you can ensure a high-quality, long-lasting result that will serve you well for many years to come. 1. Get rid of organic debris. The best thing to do when prepping for a new concrete driveway is to get rid of any organic material lying around on the future work site, including: •Grass •Weeds •Leaves •Twigs •Branches Organic matter can interfere with the bonds between the concrete and aggregate, leading to a weaker overall structure. If you have a lot of organic debris to remove, it may be worth renting a Bobcat or similar piece of machinery to speed up the process. 2. Post notices for neighbours or employees. Posting notices for neighbours (or employees) is another critical step in preparing for new concrete driveways for Mornington Peninsula properties. This way, everyone will be aware that work is being done, and there may be some noise and disruption as a result. It will also ensure that the space is kept clear before and during the concreting process. Be sure to post notices in a visible location, like on a fence or at the front door. You may even want to hand-deliver them to ensure that everyone sees them. 3. Call 1100 for utility markings. Know Before You Dig Australia is a national organisation that provides a free service to help you avoid damaging underground cables and pipes when excavating for concrete pathways or driveways. Simply call 1100 from anywhere in Australia, and they will direct you to the relevant authority in your state or territory, who will then come out and mark any underground assets on your property. This is an important step to take before any excavation work is undertaken. 4. Find alternative parking. Chances are that your current parking areas will be under construction with the new concrete pathways or driveways, so you will need to find an alternative place to park during this time. This may mean parking on the street or in a nearby public carpark. Make sure to factor this into your planning so that you’re not left stranded when the work begins. 5. Find accommodation for pets or kids. Any construction site is a risk to both children and pets, so it’s essential to make alternative arrangements for them while the work is being carried out. This may mean putting pets into a kennel or cattery, or sending kids to stay with relatives or friends. Be Prepared For Hassle-Free Concreting By taking the time to prep for your new concrete driveway, you can avoid any potential problems and ensure a high-quality, long-lasting result. If you’re unsure where to start or don’t have the time to do it yourself, we recommend enlisting the help of a professional concreting company that can advise you on the best course of action and carry out the work to a high standard.
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