While the summer season may be winding down, it’s not over yet. Unfortunately, water damage can occur from summer storms. When it does, it can cause mold and damage the interior and exterior of your home. Here are several ways to prevent water damage from these kinds of storms and how a water damage restoration company can help. 

Get Your Roof Inspected 
 A strong roof is your best defense against severe storm damage. A roof experiences a lot of wear and tear over the years, especially if it was never repaired after previous storm damage. When a roof is damaged, it makes it easier for water to leak through. By getting your roof routinely inspected and making repairs to any damaged or missing shingles, you can strengthen your roof to stand up against a summer storm. 
Keep Your Gutters Clean
 Gutters are necessary for moving water to appropriate areas surrounding the house. Gutters are commonly blocked by leaves and other debris. When this occurs, it can block off the flow of water that has to come off your roof. Unfortunately, when water can’t go one way, it’ll go another. This means you could be putting your home’s foundation at risk if the water builds up and pours out where it’s not supposed to. Your best offense against storm damage is making sure your gutters are clean. 
Furthermore, in an event like this, you should be proactive and make sure that your landscape is leveled to help divert any runoff water from pooling near the house. 
Use a Water Sealant On Your Basement Walls and Floors
 When it comes to summer storms, your basement is usually the part of the house that’s most affected. If you notice cracks in your basement floors or walls, it’s best if you go ahead and repair them by painting over the damaged area with a water sealant. A water sealant can help repel water and help prevent any further damage. 
Likewise, it’s also recommended that you caulk and seal your windows to help prevent rainwater from getting in. When water gets in through a window, it can damage the interior of your walls. This often requires a professional to come in and cut out the affected areas to dry them so that mold doesn’t develop. 
Get a Sump Pump
 One method of preventing water damage is to remove water as soon as it gets in. You can do this by installing a sump pump. A sump pump can be installed in a basin – a hole that is cut below the surface of a basement floor – and will automatically pump water out as soon as it gets in. This prevents basement flooding. 
If you experience flood damage from a summer storm, a local water damage restoration company can help. 

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