AbstractInformation management is a critical aspect of project delivery in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Previous studies have identified legal factors as an integral part of developing and implementing information management processes, but there is a need to study these factors in the AEC project context. The objective of this research was to identify and prioritize legal factors impacting information management in the AEC industry in the context of vertical construction projects delivered using design/bid/build. Researchers implemented the Delphi method to identify and prioritize these legal factors impacting information management. First, researchers assembled an expert panel of AEC industry practitioners. Next, a literature review was completed to develop an introductory survey that served to solicit additional factors from the expert panel and to confirm the expert panel’s qualifications. Three rounds of Delphi surveys were administered to score and rank 15 factors impacting information management. Experts were asked to consider a vertical construction project delivered using design/bid/build when ranking factors in order to promote consistency. The results indicated that risk allocation in contracts, data translation, and information preservation were the top-ranked factors. The findings of this study can serve as a guide for practitioners when developing and implementing information management processes. Furthermore, these findings contribute to the body of knowledge by identifying and prioritizing legal factors that impact information management in vertical construction projects delivered using the design/bid/build delivery method.

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