AbstractIncorporating resilience into transportation infrastructure planning and analysis enhances the infrastructure’s ability to withstand disruptions and recover rapidly from serious damage. However, before it can be incorporated it must be quantified, which requires a basic knowledge of resilience-measuring dimensions, specifically those that relate to transportation. The goal of this study was to develop a comprehensive list of dimensions that can be used to measure such resilience. The literature is rife with information on this subject, and the first step of this research was to extract existing articles (600 of them) and scrutinize them for content. The number of articles was then narrowed down to 372, from which a list of 20 resilience-measuring dimensions was developed. The research revealed that characteristics of roadway networks, such as the length of links, number of intersections, and management and organizational characteristics, such as dissemination of information and type of investments, affect its resilience. The findings of this study will help practitioners develop appropriate strategies to enhance the resilience of transportation roadway networks.

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