Economic recovery can only happen when we all see the potential of creating a new era. As a republican, why is it that my party doesn’t see the money in “going green. These times offer more opportunity for recovery than anything we have seen in our lifetime except the growth of the computer age. If any economists can look us in the eye and think that the housing markets will recover, they need to change professions. Without the $8,000 and $6,500 incentives to entice a purchase, homes will sit. Why is this so obvious to others and not to consumers those trying to come up with ways to stimulate the economy. We can all agree that if the housing markets stay stagnant, so does the economy. I would think it makes sense to start there. Most who are out of work want to work. They would go anywhere to dig for gold. Get my point? Let’s create an industry to dig for to support our families again. Let’s have a renewed feeling of success. My girlfriend’s daughter will go to college for environmental science. Smart move. Would you want your child to focus on anything but a green economy right now.

At the dinner table, we use to talk about real estate, now we discuss the poor economy and survival. There are over 80 new professions being researched and defined by Work Force One in the new green economy. It makes sense that if we create new avenues for environmental issues and then address education for the housing sector in this arena, this could offer new reasons for a buyer to buy again. If we begin to scale energy efficient upgrades, for current housing stock, that is sitting, we create jobs for construction trades. If we begin to put factories on land that isn’t selling to process renewable energy, we create jobs and cut our dependence on fossil fuels.

The BP oil spill should serve as a true an eye opener to skeptics. Think of industries that will be negatively affected from this and it is long term. Now, do a quick turn around and think about how these industries can come back into that same long term result. It is in accepting the environmental effects that have already caused us catastrophic problems This is just another indicator of the effects of greenhouse gas emissions into the air. Our conservations areas are dwindling.

We have in our hands the ability to remedy our economic woes quickly with a solution. What opportunities we have for our children learning of harnessing the sun, wind and rainwater for re use, renovating homes into homes that are healthier and save energy, creating jobs. What an opportunity to offer farmers in north Florida to convert land to process energy for those who lost their crops as a result of cold weather this year.

Let’s build bio refineries to process crops, and grains from renewable energy into products and systems to save energy. We need to beg the government to stop subsidizing quick fixes like down payment money for buying homes. It is a quick fix causing us to go down deeper. If you want to really help, subsidize education and you subsidize to create opportunity. Think on this.

Kerry Mitchell is the founder of Green Real Estate Education, which is on target to educate more than 20,000 through provider partners and with courses in community colleges by 2011. She worked for 14 years as a licensed real estate broker in Maryland and Florida, where she now resides. The company offers a certification program for a CSR/ Green Business Practices course, a certification for green building guidance for insurance, real estate and mortgage professionals and is developing courses for workforce development. They are releasing 14 courses by September 2010 and partner with community colleges across the United States. Green Real Estate Education has positioned their company as the leader in the United States for green education for those who want to know how they can understand how energy education can be implemented into their own professions.

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