If only people could escape from office environments directly into nature, says Align

In many offices – especially those of urban SMEs, without the big bucks interiors schemes – people spend their working day without any connection to nature, bar the occasional potted plant. Poor posture, lack of movement and little visual stimulation negatively impact mental health and wellbeing. We’d like to see a new innovation aimed at this problem in the form of a multifunctional, break-out phone booth, which provides natural imagery and an opportunity for reflection, exercise and relaxation, as well as fulfilling a functional privacy need for calls. Our dream booth would be a fully immersive AV environment, with the inner walls showing moving film of any number of beautiful, escapist terrains, from deserts to hills, valleys and seascapes. The floor of the booth would be a running track, where you could walk, jog or run as you please, so that you feel you are moving through the landscape. Sound programming could be set to sounds from nature or music tracks – or silence, if you wish to use the booth more functionally to make a call. If you are making a call, a pull-out shelf would enable you to take notes as you stroll.

If Only… from Align - DesignCurial 1

Aqilah Amran, Haroulla Georgiou and Tania Mateos are part of the team at Align – a multi-award-winning interior architecture and design practice based in London and working in hospitality, residential and mixed-use, but specialising in workplace strategy and design.

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