AbstractIn all concrete infrastructure, there will be cracks that can lead to loss of structural strength and durability and create visual impact. While concrete repair entails material and labor costs, it is interesting that no quantitative information is available on the impact that cracks may have on costs and project performance. This research aims to better understand the quantitative impact of concrete cracking in building projects analyzing Chilean construction projects. With this aim, this research worked with residential building projects: (1) ten in the construction stage where the presence of cracks was measured directly, obtaining their form, repair method, and cost, and (2) seven in the stage of operation (aftersales) to evaluate the long-term impact of cracking. Finally, a survey involving 44 construction professionals of different projects and areas was carried out. Results showed that due to the lack of information, the global impact of cracking is obscured for reasons that include companies having the perception that cracks do not significantly affect project costs. Because of this, most companies do not have specific information about this issue and how it decreases project productivity, resulting in estimated annual losses of USD 3.48 million in Chile alone.

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