Stopping rats from coming up in your drains is vital for any domestic or commercial drainage system. Rats can repeatedly gain entry through damaged drains or pipes, and once inside, they can gain access to your home or business. Let’s see how to stop them to come up in drains.

Stopping rats from coming up in your drains is vital for any domestic or commercial drainage system. Rats can repeatedly gain entry through damaged drains or pipes, and once inside, they can gain access to your home or business.
It is crucial to ensure your drainage system is properly working and installed correctly to prevent any infestation and to absolutely deny rats’ entry.
Sewers are the perfect environment for rats to live in, which is why it’s important to secure yourself and your property from rodents. The drains of your home connect to the sewers full of rodents, so ensuring your drains are in good condition is essential to securing yourself from disease-carrying pests.
It is also important, depending on the type of drain installed in your property, to have additional and specialised measures in place to prevent rat entry.
Signs of rat infestation:
Rat droppings found in your home
Chewed cables and paper
Small holes in walls
Scratching noises in the floors, walls, or roof

How to stop rats from coming up in drains
As the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. Preventative measures including barriers, traps and valves can help your drains be secured from rat entry. Rats are known for their ability to climb, and they can make it through tight bends, small pipes, and areas with water flow.
Inspection of Drains and Pipes
Ensuring that your pipework is sealed and has no entry points for the rats to enter is essential. Performing a routine inspection around your home will identify any openings that rats can easily enter through. You can call drainage professionals to address the problems.
Fixing your Broken Drains
Your drain systems can suffer damage over time. Most of the time, chips and cracks in your pies are often ignored. Rats in drains can easily penetrate through these cracks and enter your drainage system.
Drainage professionals can help you locate and repair or replace your broken pipes.
Fixed drains can become less attractive to rats, and new pipings are more difficult for rats to enter.
Rodent Barriers
Rodent barriers are commonly installed within the pipes to prevent rodent entry to your drainage system, helping to secure your home. This includes installing different devices within the pipes, such as:
One way valves in underground drainage
Enlarged sections of the discharge stack to prevent rat climbing
Downward facing fins in the discharge stack

Sealing your Drainage
Having your drainage sealed is vital in protecting your home or business from rats. Sealed drainage simple means that there are no openings in the pipelines between the discharge stack of your home or sewer.
Metal cages are often placed in the ventilation pipes that stem from over the discharge stack, blocking rat entry routes and escape routes.
Gratings and Covers
Placing metal gratings or plastic covers will allow the passage of waste but will block rats. Grating and covers should be placed within the pipes.
Intercepting Traps
Intercepting traps are U-bend sections of domestic sewer pipe commonly made from fireclay. Also known as Buchan trap, Bristol interceptor, or disconnecting trap.
CCTV Drain Survey for Rats
Most of the time, you will not have easy access to your drains, and it can also be challenging to find the rats. Rats will most likely run away if they sense human presence from their dwelling.
A CCTV Drain Survey is a method that can use video technology to probe your drains and look for the rats.
Having a drain survey performed is always an excellent method since this will also check your drainage system’s current condition.
The CCTV survey can also be used to identify anything inside the drainage system, including rats.
Rats can usually find a way into your home through broken pipes, which with a CCTV survey, can easily identify rats in the drainage system and locate the pipes that need to be fixed.

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