Reducing the total amount of energy and materials required for building or maintaining a house can help people to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. An eco-friendly approach also ensures greater equanimity and physical comfort to the residents. By adopting a green lifestyle you can even save a lot of money. No matter whether you are planning to buy a lovely condo, remodeling your present house or looking forward to a new construction, taking a few simple eco-conscious steps is all what is needed to have a green lifestyle. Outlined below are some interesting tips for green living that can be followed by people, who are wishing to do their bit towards the nature.

There are various ways in which a homeowner can harness the green energy, one out of which is installing appliances that are rated with energy star label. Many states even proffer certification for energy-efficiency, which qualifies homeowners for the tax rebates and many other perks. For people, who install wind turbines or solar panels, continuous government support is being proffered. Homeowners can even enjoy both, federal and state, tax incentives, depending on where you reside. There are also several local utility firms that provide assistance in installing energy-efficient equipment or sharing the total cost of these systems. A homeowner can employ passive cooling and heating techniques for capturing or deflecting solar heat through intensive insulation, reflective roofs or strategically installed traditional ceiling fans.

Besides, you can opt for more environmentally beneficial and safe products for your home, like energy-saving light bulbs, low-VOC paints, “on-demand” hot water heaters and counter-top items made from the renewable materials, such as cork, bamboo or recycled glass or plastic. Conventional paints contain many toxic compounds that can pose serious threat to the health of a person. Zero or low VOC paints are considered as the best replacement for such paints. The best part is that they perform equally well, are more easy to use and do not emit strong odors. For building a nice outdoor deck, it is viable to go for decking materials that have been made from the recycled plastics. Though they perform and look like wood, they do not have annoying splinters and harsh chemicals which are commonly found in the usual pressure-treated lumber.

Even when it comes to construction methods, you can go green by using recycled materials such as nontoxic paint, formaldehyde-free insulation etc. Energy-efficient construction techniques are getting immensely popular because of their copious long-term benefits. Employing Optimum-Value-engineering methods means achieving higher insulation value with less use of lumber. The good part is that these methods do not interfere with the structural integrity. This further translates into less energy use and low construction costs. In addition, total amount of the lumber bought, wasted because of overage or transported from the construction site as debris is substantially reduced. On the other hand, acoustic and thermal insulation is significantly boosted. Following these interesting tips for green living would surely help you make your home environment friendly.

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