AbstractPressure and flow variations are key components for comprehending the flow regime in pipeline systems. Although many types of measurement device monitor flow status in pressurized pipeline systems, no comprehensive method has yet been developed for predicting flow configuration in the presence of multiple control drivers. In this study, the relationships of flow rate with pressure head between multiple points were explored based on a linearly independent formulation mathematically developed in the frequency domain. The resulting pressure response at multiple designated points along the pipeline are expressed by the superpositioning of independent impacts from multiple boundary controls. An inverse flow analysis scheme is proposed for formulations of impedance and pressure head ratio, and a devolution scheme for pressure head and discharge control is developed to determine multiple relationships according to time marching. The predictor-corrector scheme solves the potential computational stability problem. Two hypothetical pipeline systems, four reservoir pipeline valves, and a complicated pipe network are introduced to test the applicability of the scheme. Successful predictions involving multiple controls demonstrate the potential of the proposed scheme as a platform for the data acquisition system and for supervisory control in various pipeline systems with multiple control boundaries.

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